PowerShade® Roof: High-density solar shade that covers and cools the entire roof surface, unlike traditional rooftop solar

• Extends the life of rooftop equipment
• Reduces maintenance expense
• Cools roof, reducing energy consumption and costs

PowerShade® Semitrailer: Shades trailers and is the only microgrid design that can be built under loading docks

• Reduces cooling time prior to loading perishable goods
• Covers and protects equipment
• Power drop cables provide solar energy directly to the refrigeration units on trailers

PowerShade® Auto: Creates comfortable service environments and higher quality work spaces, protects assets and lowers costs

• Covers and protects retail malls and power centers, office parks, and manufacturing sites
• Protects covered equipment.
• Disguises military installations

PowerParasol®: Beautiful, architecturally designed structures that can attract customers, build loyalty, and drive revenue

• Transforms spaces and experiences
• Creates cool, airy and welcoming outdoor spaces where people want to park, shop and gather.
• Enhances the surroundings
• Contributes to “green” branding (link to video)

PowerUp™ & FastGrid™: Deployable self-contained systems that deliver reliable 24/7 energy

• To permanently energize remote locations
• For rapid-response energy to disaster relief zones.


Pre-Construction Services

• Site project layout
• Site analysis
• Architectural and engineering services
• Feasibility studies
• Financial analysis
• Site survey
• Utility & state incentive coordination
• Scheduling and phasing
• Permitting
• System design, integrate energy production with structure design

Construction Services

• Engineering, procurement & construction
• Project management
• Design
• Fabrication
• Site work
• Steel erection
• Inspections/testing


• A comprehensive range of financing options.

After-Delivery Support

• System performance monitoring and service
• Management of advertising revenue and other sources of revenue
• Warranties