About Microgrids

A PowerParasol®

not only transforms space, it creates shade, lighting, security, climate control, and an opportunity for communications, promotion or advertising.

Strategic Microgrid

is a “double bottom line” business – we make money for our investors and develop projects with a positive economic, social and environmental impact.

About microgrids

For decades, the world has been building remote, pollution-generating power plants, plowing over land for wind or solar farms and constructing miles of transmission lines to bring power to the people who need it. That model is changing. 

Microgrids are Distributed Energy Generating Stations that provide energy as a service by generating and storing energy close to where it’s used. Microgrids can deliver and/or dispatch power directly to users, and connected microgrids can supplement power coming from traditional utilities. It can provide back-up energy when the utility grid goes down, and give users more control over how they consume and pay for their power.

Free-standing microgrids serve as a contained source of renewable energy that serves the organization and or location.
The microgrid system is the future of the energy industry, and change is happening fast. The U.S. Department of Energy, the Department of Defense and the Electric Security Council have all made microgrid R&D a priority. Strategic MicroGrid is well positioned to take a lead role in this emerging market.